The Fact About La Señorita Amar Chotai official video La Se ñ Orita That No One Is Suggesting

no se me va este dolor de espalda I am unable to seem to eliminate this backache; hoy no se me va la mala leche I can not seem to get outside of my undesirable temper now

van escritas tres cartas that's three letters I've prepared; va vendido todo every little thing has been sold

5 (indicando distancia, diferencia) va mucho de uno a otro there's a number of distinction between them; ¡lo que va del padre al hijo!

Manuela: No, Ceci, they only issue which i care about right now is for Andrea never to put up with anymore and for her to undergo her pregnancy as worry totally free as feasible.

(indicando importancia) nos va mucho en esto We've got a great deal Driving on this; le va la vida en ello his life will depend on it

Andrea: It’s not that Camilo, don’t mention that. It’s just which i didn´t understand how you were going to respond and I just had doubts.

Claudio: Yeah yeah, you would prefer to not be educated. Ok, I gained’t be telling you with regard to the Thoughts I arrived up with. On the other hand, I would like to get some additional facts.

Eulalia: Oh prevent speaking nonsense kid. AS far as I do know, you had been kicked out because they found you along with your manager’s girl, Which’s a huge no. Even though Pola isn't Jorge’s official lady, you realized they had been a few.

Narrador: Para algunos un derecho civil, y para otros la diferencia entre la vida y la muerte, es uno de las temáticas más polémicos de nuestros tiempos. Una temática que dice mucho de nuestra visión de la vida.

Juliana: No, no no, that’s not what I meant; it’s just Visit Your URL which i could have averted that dreadful encounter with Mrs. Lucrecia.

Narradora: Se le acredita el haber abierto la primer clínica de la nación para el Command de la natalidad, Sanger, quien consideraba inferiores a la mayoría de los negros, escribió: “ El enfoque didáctico mas acertado hacia los negros es la religión. No queremos que el mundo se enteres de que queremos exterminar a la población de coloration”.

Este fue el caso para la doctora Karen Gushta, quien por primera vez comparte lo que le sucedió hace 3 décadas.

Camilo: Andrea How will you hope me to not be, you’re Plainly hiding some thing from me. Would be that the form of marriage we're going to have?

Eulalia: Oh dear, I’m not stating this way. What I mean is always that when you are aware that Woman is in adore with somebody else, just don’t maintain insisting.

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